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Title: A mistake worth having
Author: Me, crystal_waves/fucking_lovatos duh.
Summary: A new crush leads to romance and secrets. (Lame I know but I'm not good at this stuff!) mpreg eventually
Rating: As of yet, strictly PG
Notes: DDE = Dwight. D. Eisenhower, LA = Language Arts (that's how it is at my school, each different subject has it's own building.)
Dedication: To Brenda because I promised her I do this ages ago, and to Emily because she was nice enough to beta it for me.
Pairing: It doesn't say but it's Matt/Jere

You smile to yourself as you see him walking down the hallway, messenger bag slung over his shoulder, frayed shoelaces trailing along the floor, lip ring glinting in the dull lighting, almost begging to be sucked on. Bitten. He glances at you as you walk by, his eyes just flicking over your body as you pass him on your way to your third period class where you sit with a grin on your face the entire hour.

Fourth period drags by, only allowing you to sulk as you've been put into home ec. You don't even know how to cook. Of course there is only one other guy in your class, Nick, a slightly over weight guy who only took this course so he could hit on girls. The class doesn't hold the same appeal for you, you have a shrewd suspicion it's because you're gay.

Your fifth period class is possibly your least favorite class of all, which is sad because you just got your new schedule on Monday and it’s only Wednesday. The teacher hasn’t had you do much of anything except fill out worksheets all week, he claims it’s because a lot of students are getting their schedules changed and he doesn’t want to start any projects that will cause them to fall behind. Really, Mr. Dailey is just lazy, he doesn’t want to have to grade papers when he can spend the entire period on his cell phone. If it weren’t for the fact that you had nothing to do for an entire hour, you wouldn’t mind but instead you’re stuck here for an entire hour attempting to write down song lyrics. Attempting being the key word because right now you can’t seem to focus on anything except him the gorgeous guy you saw in the hallway earlier.

It’s sad really, because you don’t even know his name. You’ve never seen him before, didn’t even know such a person even graced the halls of DDE high school. You regret this for only one reason, the simple fact that for the last two years, you’ve missed out gawking at him. Now that you have seen him however, you’re sure you’ll go out of your way just to see him in the hallways, taking the long way to your second period just for a brief two-second glimpse of him as he passes you in the LA building. It’s sad how in the span of two and a half hours you’ve become a stalker, making plans to follow him just so you can daydream about him in class.

You’re smiling to yourself, shaking your head slightly at the thought of how pathetic you are when the door opens, jolting you from your thoughts concerning your new obsession. You choke, on what, you don’t know, but you choke nonetheless as he walks in. He being the guy you’ve been fangirling over for the past two and a half hours.

Yes, he walks into the room and straight over to Mr. Dailey handing him a piece of paper and talking in low tones. Not wanting to be seen gawking at your new love, you look down at your desk, straining your ears to hear what’s being said, their voices are too soft though so you can’t make anything out. You can’t help but glance up at them and Mr. Dailey is smiling at him and pointing to an empty desk beside you, handing the piece of paper back to him. You can only assume it’s his class schedule.

Gazing up at him through your eyelashes you watch as he tucks his schedule back into his messenger bag and makes his way down the aisle to his desk, sitting down quietly. He glances around the room for a moment before taking out a book and leaning back, making himself comfortable. You continue to watch him out of the corner of your eye as you duck your head down, twirling a pen between your fingers.

He’s completely engrossed, his lips moving occasionally as he reads, smiling to himself at some parts, frowning or wrinkling his nose up at others. And it’s so cute, the facial expressions he makes, the way he licks his finger every time he turns the page, the concentration he puts into the simple task of reading a book.

Right then you knew that this wasn’t just a crush. You didn’t know anything about this boy, but you knew that you wanted him. You craved him. That just maybe, you needed him. And hopefully he’d feel the same way about you.

You smiled to yourself as the bell rang, raising your eyes up from your dirty faded worn down chucks to catch a glimpse of his ass.

Yes, you definitely wanted him.

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