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Title: Dearly Beloved
Rating: R
Fandom: The Used
Pairing: Branden/Quinn
Summary: The birth of Branden and Quinn's twins is nothing short of a miracle in Quinn's eyes.
Warnings: Slash, semi-graphic descriptions
Disclaimer: Roses are red, violets are blue, me no own, so you no sue. But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, this story can't happen, get that through your head.
Notes: In this story, it is completely normal for men to marry each other and give birth naturally.

"Branden, sweetie, it's all over now," Quinn soothed, using a cool, damp cloth to wipe the sweat from Branden's face. "It's all done now."

"Hurts," Branden whimpered, squeezing Quinn's hand as blood slowly leaked down onto his thighs.

"I know, it'll feel better soon. They're going to get you all closed up and then you can see them," Quinn said softly, kissing Branden's temple. Two doctors worked on him, one sewing shut the incision in his abdomen while the other stitched the cuts in his sensitive folds shut.

"They're both doing well, Branden," Dr. Richards soothed, handing Quinn a tiny, crying bundle wrapped in a soft blue blanket. Quinn looked down at the scrunched-up face of his first-born son, gently quieting him before showing him to Branden. Branden smiled softly through the tears, lifting a shaking hand to touch the infant's fingers.

The tiny baby, whom they had named Matthew Alexander Allman-Steineckert, clutched onto Branden's finger, sighing softly and yawning as its eyes drifted shut. Branden's attention was quickly diverted though when the nurse began to clean the blood off his thighs, the stickiness being washed away. She soon finished and gently relaxed his legs onto the bed, cleaning a spot off on his hip and injecting a dose of morphine into his system.

"Where's...Erik," Branden croaked, wanting to see Matthew's twin.

"They had to take him upstairs, sweetie. They're just making sure he's ok."

"I see...him," Branden mustered out, his muscles relaxing slightly as the painkillers took effect.

"You can't, sweetie, you need to rest and let the doctors do their job."

"Branden, we need you to try and sit up so we can move you to the chair and change your bed sheets," Dr. Richards said gently, Branden nodding a little and crying out in pain as he was helped out of bed and into the armchair next to it. Tears of pain and joy were still streaming down his face, and they continued as he was moved back into bed.

After two hours of lying in bed with Quinn next to him and Matthew, Matt for short, snuggled in his arms, a nurse returned and told Branden that as soon as he felt up to it, he could go see Erik. Branden handed Matt to Quinn, Quinn laying the sleeping infant in his bed before turning to help Branden out of bed. Quinn's mom decided to stay in the room and hold Matt, as they weren't allowed to take him from the room, so Quinn slowly helped Branden down the hallway, stopping before the windows of the NICU.

Erik's incubator was next to the window, the tiny infant sound asleep. Erik was tiny compared to his brother, only weighing three pounds and seven ounces, compared to his brothers six pounds and four ounces. The doctor had simply told him both twins were healthy, but Matt was taking most of the nutrients, so Erik would be much smaller.

Branden cried as he watched Erik, feeling as though it were his fault Matt had kept Erik from growing. Tears poured down his face again, one hand pressed against the window to steady himself. Quinn stood beside him, holding his other hand and kissing his temple repeatedly, staying strong so Branden didn't have to. He knew Erik was going to be ok; he just needed to gain some weight.

"Would you like to hold him?" a nurse asked, coming and standing beside them after recognizing Branden and Quinn as the parents. Branden nodded, slowly following her and getting washed up. He sat down and was handed the now-awake newborn, the nurse giving him a tiny bottle that held less than an ounce of milk.

As Branden sat in the chair, feeding the baby, Quinn sat in the chair next to him, gently rubbing Branden's back with one hand. Branden seemed entranced by his younger son, just as he had with the older twin. He noted that, besides their obvious difference in size, they appeared exactly identical, from their few wisps of dark hair, to their dark brown eyes and their tiny noses.

"See, baby, you have two beautiful twin boys. They're both just fine, you did a good job."

"It takes two to make a baby," Branden whispered softly, smiling up at Quinn. Quinn just smiled and kissed him gently, the tiny bundle in Branden's arms squirming and turning its head. A nurse took Erik, telling Branden he needed to go back in the incubator, and Branden nodded in understanding, staying a few more minutes and watching him before slowly, painfully rising from his chair with Quinn's help.

On their way back to the room, Branden's mother approached them, looking disapproving. Branden wondered what was going through her mind, but the dull ache soon made him realize. She stood before him, one eyebrow raised, Branden just waiting for the question.

"Branden James Steineckert, you have just given birth to two children, what are you doing out of bed?" she asked.

"I don't care if I have 47 stitches in my crotch or not, I wanted to see my son."

"Thank you for sharing, dear," she said, helping Quinn get him back to bed. "So how's Erik doing?"

"He's ok, he's so little though," Quinn said.

"I got to feed him," Branden said, smiling softly as he was handed Matt, who almost instantly stopped wailing.

"He'll get bigger soon, don't worry. You weren't much bigger," she told Branden, gently running her hand through his messy black hair.

"I know, I'm just glad he's healthy," he said, shifting a little. "Why does childbirth have to be so uncomfortable?" he asked miserably, trying to get into a position that wasn't pushing on his stitches or making his stomach hurt.

"Just relax, the less you move the more comfortable it'll be."

"The anesthetics are wearing off and I can feel every single one of those stitches now."

"The doctor said if you take a bath it might help you feel better. Do you want me to go run one for you?" she asked, Branden nodding softly and squeezing his eyes shut.

"Just think about the rewards from all the pain," Quinn said softly, kissing his temple.

"I know," he mumbled quietly, Matt having fallen back asleep.

"Quinn, sweetie, I've got to get going. Your brother has a doctor's appointment to check and see how his baby is doing. I'll stop by again tomorrow to see how you're doing."

"Ok," Quinn said, his mom kissing both him and Branden before she left.

"There you go, dear, it's all ready for you. I'll take Matt so Quinn can help you."

"Thank you," Branden said softly, giving a pained cry as Quinn helped him off the bed.

After his bath, Branden was feeling slightly better. He walked back down to the nursery with Quinn and sat next to Erik's incubator for nearly half an hour before returning to his room for some much-needed sleep.

As Branden slept with Matt bundled up in a sleeper and a blanket in his arms, Quinn sat next to him, simply smiling as he watched his fiancé sleep with their son. He just smiled and silently thanked god for his three miracles, his two children and Branden. He knew it was going to be tough, at first, but he was willing to give up anything for his family. It was the end of some things, but at the same time, it was the beginning of something beautiful.

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