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It's finally here!


At 24 weeks, Ryan was actually starting to feel good about the pregnancy. Everything seemed to be going fine and he wasn't having any complications.

He'd only had one Braxton Hicks contraction, but other than that, everything was going well. He loved to feel Chayse kick; it helped to get him through the long days at school being able to feel the small flutters.

"Aw, look who's bigger," Matt said, giving Ryan a kiss on the lips and kissing Ryan's large tummy one Wednesday morning when he arrived to take Ryan to school. Ryan smiled and rubbed his tummy, letting Matt take his backpack out to the car since Matt objected to him lifting anything. They left, Ryan chatting with Matt about what was going to happen when the baby was born.

They'd decided that Matt was going to sell his apartment and move in with Ryan and Cassandra, and that the lower part of Ryan's room would be turned into a nursery. Matt was glad Ryan was excited about the baby coming in another four months, and he was glad to see how well Ryan was doing at this point. He also reminded him that he had a doctor's appointment after school and that he would pick him up at 3:30. Ryan nodded and leaned over, giving Matt a quick kiss before getting out. Matt sighed when Ryan picked up his bag, but Ryan reassured him that it wasn't that far to his locker and that he would be fine. Matt reluctantly nodded, watching Ryan leave before driving to work.


Later that afternoon, Ryan was walking with Sean and Tony when he felt a Braxton Hicks contraction rippling through his midsection. He paused, the other two stopping with him and making sure he was ok. Ryan told them he was fine, but they insisted that he sit down as soon as he got to his next class.

Ryan was fine until the day ended, when halfway to his appointment, he suddenly felt a sharp, searing pain in his midsection. He cried out, leaning over a bit and wrapping his arms tightly around his abdomen. Matt immediately looked worried, reaching over for Ryan's hand. Ryan squeezed it tightly, holding back another cry and nearly breaking Matt's fingers.

"Ryan, hun, what's wrong?" Matt asked frantically as he sped up slightly.

"It hurts," Ryan cried, tears of panic, fear, and pain now streaming down his face. Matt, who was panicking as well, turned into the emergency room parking lot instead, quickly found a spot, and helped Ryan inside. He helped him over to the receptionists desk, where Matt quickly explained that Ryan had gone into labor sixteen weeks early and needed a doctor. She nodded and quickly got him a doctor and a wheelchair, Matt filling out the forms since he wasn't allowed to go back with Ryan.

After filling out page after page of questions, Matt called Cassandra, telling her she needed to get to the hospital. She quickly got the basic information and drove down there, finding a crying and nearly frantic Matt pacing the waiting room. She pulled him into a hug as soon as she walked in the door, calming him and finding out what had happened.


Two hours later, Matt and Cassandra finally were allowed to see Ryan. The doctor had explained that Ryan had simply been under some stress because of the pregnancy and his schoolwork and it had triggered a premature labor. They had managed to stop it with steroids and advised him to take the rest of the week off. They were going to keep him overnight, but the baby was going to be just fine, as was Ryan.

Matt was allowed to stay the night with Ryan, so the nurse brought him a pillow and a blanket. Matt sat up with Ryan until he fell asleep, gently running one hand through the teen’s hair while he used the other to massage his large stomach. Ryan was quickly asleep, Matt slipping into slumber soon after, their hands laced together loosely on the bed.


In the morning, the doctor gave Ryan a thorough check over and went ahead and did his regular appointment before announcing that the baby was doing fine and everything seemed all right. Matt and Ryan were both happy to hear that, and were happy to see the baby, with his ten toes, ten fingers and tiny little nose. Their favorite picture was one of Chayse sucking his thumb, which was something that they had both done as infants and small children.

When they got back to Ryan's house, Cassandra was at work already, so the boys settled down on the couch. Matt pulled a large blanket over the two of them, putting in a movie while gently rubbing Ryan's large belly and feeling the baby kicking his hand. He used his other hand to gently play with Ryan's hair, the teen falling asleep towards the end of the movie.

Ryan woke up just before lunch, the two of them eating before curling back up on the couch. They sat looking at catalogs and magazines (Chayse continually kicking them off), looking at highchairs, strollers, swings, and clothes.

Thankfully, Cassandra still had Ryan's old crib, and Matt's mom had his changing table, so they were set as soon as one of Cassandra's old friends finished repainting them.

"I like this outfit," Ryan said, pointing to a small, sky blue, footed romper with light green frogs on it. They also had a matching sleeper with yellow ducks on it, which they both found simply adorable. Matt added it to their online shopping cart, as they had gotten on Matt's laptop, Ryan smiling.

By the end of the day, they had gotten enough clothes for the first few weeks as well as an affordable swing, as they had gotten a call earlier from Matt's mom and now had a highchair. They knew Tony had planned to get them a car seat and an extra base for the baby shower, and Jere was getting them a stroller.

Just as Matt finished typing in his credit card number, Cassandra walked in, laden with shopping bags full of clothes. The boys grinned, going through them and thanking her several times. They still purchased the ones they had picked out online, then going upstairs to the nursery-to-be, putting the clothes in a laundry basket by Ryan's dresser.

"Are you getting tired, hun?" Matt asked, pulling Ryan into a hug and rubbing his sore back. Ryan nodded a little, nuzzling his face into Matt's neck and sighing contentedly. "Why don't we go take a nap?"

"Ok," Ryan mumbled softly, pulling away from Matt and going across the room to the small futon. He lay down, Matt having gone upstairs and gotten the duvet off Ryan's bed. Matt covered him with a blanket, crawling underneath it as well and hugging Ryan to his chest.

The teen was soon asleep, as was his unborn son. The kicking had stopped, so Matt knew the tiny infant was asleep, as was his father, whose soft breath was gently hitting Matt's neck every so often. Matt smiled, playing with Ryan's hair and kissing his forehead. They'd certainly had a scare the previous day, but now Matt knew that everything was fine, and nothing was standing in Ryan's way.

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