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Title: Expecting the Unexpected
Author: Me (blacksoul89)
Pairing: Ryan Key/Matt Lovato (Yellowcard/Mest crossover)
Overall Summary: Ryan thought he had enough on his plate trying to survive his senior year of high school. Then he found out he was pregnant and his whole world was turned upside down.
Disclaimer: Roses are red, violets are blue, me no own, so you no sue. But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, this story can't happen, get that through your head.

Chapter Summary: Good news and friendships.

A week later, Ryan and Matt were overjoyed to learn that the AFP test had been a false positive and their son was going to be just fine. Ryan was so happy with the news he had hugged the doctor before bursting into tears. Matt looked worried and confused, but the doctor reassured him it was simply a side effect of the pregnancy, making Matt simply nod and hug Ryan, patting his back gently.

Once they got back to the house and gave Cassandra the good news, Matt smiled and kissed Ryan, telling him he had told him Chayse would be just fine. Ryan simply smiled and slid into Matt's arms, kissing him again before resting his head on the older man's shoulder. Matt began playing with Ryan's hair until they heard a light knock on the door, Cassandra answering it and letting Tony, Pierre, and Billie Joe into the kitchen.

"Hey," Ryan said softly, smiling. He then looked down at his stomach before looking back up, laughing a little. "I'd say that judging by the kicking, Chayse says hi too."

"How'd the test go?" Pierre asked, Billie Joe helping him settle his pregnant form into one of the kitchen chairs. Pierre was at 36 weeks at that point, having gotten pregnant at his graduation party thanks to Billie Joe, whom he'd been dating for two years.

"It went well, Chayse is ok, and he doesn't have Downs."
"Good, now we'll both have healthy sons," Pierre said, rubbing his large belly to try and calm the baby's kicking.

"And what are you naming yours?" Cassandra asked, placing her hand where Pierre's had been a second ago.

"Hayden Michael Bouvier-Armstrong," Pierre said, Billie Joe kissing the top of his head.

"I like it, but I still like Chayse Alexander Lovato-Key better," Matt said, rubbing Ryan's stomach.

"'Course you do, it's your kid," Tony snorted, but then grinning. "And it's my godson."

"Don't you feel special," Billie Joe said, all of them laughing.
"Who are Hayden's godparents?" Matt asked.

"David and my aunt Jesika, seeing as she's my godmother too."

"So cute," Ryan said, feeling Chayse give another small kick before settling down. "I think Chayse is going to sleep, he usually does about this time."

"Hayden just woke up as we were getting out of the car, he probably won't go back to sleep until about 9 or so."

"Chayse usually goes to sleep around 4 or 4:30 wakes up after dinner, and goes back to sleep around 11."

"It seemed like you were always up and moving and never slept," Cassandra said, looking pointedly at Ryan, all of them laughing.

"I never got to feel any of this," Tony mumbled, his arms wrapping around his flat abdomen.

"Huh?" Matt and Billie Joe asked at the same time, all of them clearly confused.

"When I was 15 I accidentally got pregnant at a party, I was drunk and someone raped me. I was trying to decide on having the baby or getting an abortion, but I never really got that far because I miscarried at 13 weeks."

"Oh god, Tone," Matt said, Ryan having slid off his lap so the older Lovato could hug Tony, who was crying freely by this point.

"The doctor said I probably lost the baby because of my cigarette smoking. I had started smoking more when I found out I was pregnant and I accidentally killed the baby. I had the miscarriage about three hours after deciding I wanted to keep the baby," Tony sniffled, pulling away from Matt and wiping his eyes on the sleeve of his hoodie. "It's probably better this way, though. I was 15 and scared, I had and still have no idea how to raise a baby, it just would have been too much, and if the baby died, there was probably something seriously wrong with it to begin with."

"You'll have another chance, Tony. And you'll probably be ready when the chance comes," Pierre said, wincing slightly as the baby kicked him hard in the bladder. He looked up at Billie Joe, pouting. "Help me up, pleeeeaaase? I have to pee..."

"Fine," Billie Joe sighed, kissing his forehead before helping him up out of the chair. Pierre waddled off to the bathroom, one hand on his back and the other trailing along the wall for a bit of extra support.

"If he gets any bigger, by the time his due date gets here, he's going to be about ready to explode," Cassandra said, laughing a little.

"I know, he's still got two months left and the poor kid's huge," Billie Joe said, taking Pierre's vacated chair for the time being.

"I'll probably be huge too, I already feel huge though," Ryan said, placing a hand on top of his belly.

"You're really not that big. Just wait until the week the baby's born. Then you can say that you're big."

"Oh great, I'll get to be a beached whale," Ryan said, poking his stomach and causing the baby to squirm slightly. "Sorry Bug," he said, apologizing to the baby.

"Bug?" Pierre asked, waddling back into the kitchen. "Although my baby was Duckie for four months."

"He's got a name and you still call him Duckie," Billie Joe teased.

"So do you," Pierre said, pouting before kissing Billie Joe and being lowered back into his chair.

"So when are you due?" Matt asked.

"March 16th, he'll be a spring baby," Pierre said, rubbing the top of his large belly.

"I bet it feels like that day's never going to come," Ryan said. "I know it seems like my due date won't, since it's really close to my high school graduation too."

"It'll come soon enough, don't worry," Cassandra said, Pierre wincing a little as a Braxton Hicks contraction made his abdomen tighten.

"Are you alright?" Cassandra asked, getting him a glass of water.

"Yeah, it's just one of those Braxton Hicks contractions. They'll stop in a few minutes," Pierre told her, accepting the glass and taking a drink before rubbing the side of his belly a little.

Ryan knew that Pierre's pregnancy so far had been rough; he just hoped his wouldn't be the same. He wanted everything to be ok, even if they had been anything but so far.

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November 3 2004, 03:23:42 UTC 12 years ago

pierre amd bllie joe..i just don't see it.

poor tony! i want to hold him!

also my dad calls me bug...has been the minute i was born.

I had toyed around with the idea of Pierre and Billie Joe for a while, and I ran it past a friend because I was hesitant to use them because of their 8 year age gap. She liked the idea, so I went ahead and used it. I needed another pregnant person in the story, and I always thought Pierre would make a cute pregnant guy, so voila. I'm hoping the pairing doesn't turn people off too much...
Aww, I thought that pairing was cute. This whole story is adorable.
And yeah, Pierre would be a cute little pregnant man.
Moooore soon!